WUCC – Daily News – Day 4

After the sad evening yesterday, we have some good news today. On our second single-match-day we managed to beat Otso from Finland in a close game 15-11. Maybe the first step of a long lasting process to cure the broken souls.

For sure the disappointment about the early drop-up was still in everyones mind when we got up today, but life goes on and so does the tournament. As our game was again very late, we had breakfast at 9 o’clock. After that, we went to see some games, especially from german teams, before we started our warm-up routine. The physical things were the same as always. Jogging, stretching, running, throwing… everything look very usual, but this time, it seemed to be much more important to warm up the minds. Getting into game-mode again was very tough and sadly this was mirrored by the first half. The only good thing was the defense of the O-Line, which surely prevented a complete break-down, after giving away to many discs. Unfortunately the D-line struggled to get the blocks, so the first half ended with Bad Skid down by 2.

Just to symbolize the huge difference between the two halves, the second one is written in a new paragraph. We were fully aware, that it was necessary to switch gears right from the first point. It was impressive to see, how the D-line increased the pressure on Otso and created several breaks, while the O-line played much better Ultimate than on the first half. Playing our lovely sport like this brought even the last minds back on track for the future. Sure we need much more time to cover up again, but for today, we at least found what somehow got lost yesterday: Bad Skid Ultimate.


Bad Skid – it’s recovering

WUCC – Daily News – Day 3

This might be the hardest article to write, ever. We are out, because we lost to Comunidad el Oso with a margin of two points. A dream has been destroyed in no more than one half of the game. The first half was a demonstration of Bad Skid Ultimate. We scored point after point and managed to get half at 8-4. After that the nightmare began. I can’t really write about what happened in those minutes, but we simply lost all the control over the game. The game got closer and closer with some discussable calls in the end. To sum it up, this might have been the most horrible defeat in the Bad Skid history. You could easily guess how the atmosphere is like here at the dorms.

Nevertheless we want to say thanks to all our fans, which immediately came over and tried to help us up in the first way. For sure this is very hard for us at the moment, but don’t be mistaken: Bad Skid will be on the pitch tomorrow, playing Ultimate as is used to.


Bad Skid – it’s simply frustrated

WUCC – Daily News – Day 2

The first day of action is over. To sum it up: Bad Skid won both games on a very very muddy underground. The water is still standing on the fields and on some spots you are nearly unable to walk. Nevertheless, the games are being played and so the games are a little bit unusual, as everybody has to cope with the situation.

In the first game of the day Bad Skid was facing Relampagos, the champions of the Dom Rep. We had a terrible start, when both D-Line and O-Line were not able to score. With the early 0-2 residue in the heads, we knew something had to be changed immediately. The O-Line scored the point and the D-Line entered the field. And they stayed. To say it shortly the Relampegos guys had not much to answer against different zones and a hard man-on-man D. We took half 8-4 and the game easily with 15-5. For sure, the hardest part of the game was to get rid of the mud on the feet, afterwards.

After a few hours relaxing in the beautiful sun the next game was to be played at 17.00 o’clock against our rivals from Bologna. Again we had a rather bad start on offense, but the defense was very intensive and got some blocks early. This was our luck, because the O-line did not really play their game. Needless to say that the game became very close with small leads on both sides. As you can imagine, it was the defense that took half for Bad Skid with 8-7. Unfortunately the second half was not better. The number of calls on both sides increased as the game proceeded. When the time was over the score was 11:11, so a universe-point had to decide the outcome of the game. A classic score from our #18, with the assist from #25 brought the second win of the day for Bad Skid.

After the cooldown, we headed back to the dorms to eat pasta at the local restaurant. At least we tried to.

In the  “best catch of the day award” the winner today is our #2 Walder who saved a slightly overthrown huck with a spectacular “toeing-the-line”-catch. Congratulations for this important score in the tough game against CUSB.

Tomorrow we will be playing just one game on the show-case field. You can watch this live on SkyD magazine on 17.00 o’clock. Stay tuned!

Bad Skid – it should be sleeping right now

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