WUCC – Daily News – Day 5

Today was probably the most confusing day at the fields so far. It was very difficult for us to play games ourselves on the one hand and look others play in the upper brackets on the other. Even the focus sometimes seemed to be on the real quarters, than on our lower-bracket-crossover-games.

In any case, the day started with our first 9 o’clock game in this tournament. We were facing Morja, the Polish champion in the last game of our lower power pool. To proceed playing for 25th we had to win this game, but to be honest, this was not that hard, as the polish gave lot of discs very easily on Offense. On the other side, the Bad Skid O-line found a way to keep the momentum from yesterday and played solid and mostly without any errors. Maybe the most difficult point of the game was, when the polish tried to confuse us with a 6 man Offense. Even though it took everyone on the field a few seconds to realize this, I would not suggest this for further usage.  The game ended with a 15-5 in a game witch was never contested at all.

For sure the hardest part of the day was to sit next to a field and watch others playing for the titel of the world champion. There were a few very interesting and hard fought games, but you can read about this on several other pages in a more detailed way. To go back to our own game was not easy and so the warm-up for the cross-over game against Iznogood from France was, let’s call it a little bit lazy. Nevertheless, we are all athletes and when the disc is in the air for the first pull, there is nothing holding us back. This, kind of, sums up the whole game better than anything else. The finale score was 17-7, on a game to 17, as might have already guessed.

With no defeat yet, in the lower bracket, we are heading now to the final of what you could call “the best of the rest”. In the first game tomorrow we are facing Sublime Ultimate.

The award for the best catch of the day goes to our D-line captain and athletic coach Christoph Köble, for saving a huck with an amazing layout to end the game. Considering the fact that he is playing with a broken finger all the time, he definitely deserved to win this award today.

Last but not least, we have to thank all the parents and especially Mr. Kant for the fantastic barbecue, we got today. Strengthened like that, we are looking forward for tomorrow.

Bad Skid – it’s ….playing “Zoff im Zoo”  

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