WUCC – Daily News – Day 4

After the sad evening yesterday, we have some good news today. On our second single-match-day we managed to beat Otso from Finland in a close game 15-11. Maybe the first step of a long lasting process to cure the broken souls.

For sure the disappointment about the early drop-up was still in everyones mind when we got up today, but life goes on and so does the tournament. As our game was again very late, we had breakfast at 9 o’clock. After that, we went to see some games, especially from german teams, before we started our warm-up routine. The physical things were the same as always. Jogging, stretching, running, throwing… everything look very usual, but this time, it seemed to be much more important to warm up the minds. Getting into game-mode again was very tough and sadly this was mirrored by the first half. The only good thing was the defense of the O-Line, which surely prevented a complete break-down, after giving away to many discs. Unfortunately the D-line struggled to get the blocks, so the first half ended with Bad Skid down by 2.

Just to symbolize the huge difference between the two halves, the second one is written in a new paragraph. We were fully aware, that it was necessary to switch gears right from the first point. It was impressive to see, how the D-line increased the pressure on Otso and created several breaks, while the O-line played much better Ultimate than on the first half. Playing our lovely sport like this brought even the last minds back on track for the future. Sure we need much more time to cover up again, but for today, we at least found what somehow got lost yesterday: Bad Skid Ultimate.


Bad Skid – it’s recovering

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