WUCC – Daily News – Day 3

This might be the hardest article to write, ever. We are out, because we lost to Comunidad el Oso with a margin of two points. A dream has been destroyed in no more than one half of the game. The first half was a demonstration of Bad Skid Ultimate. We scored point after point and managed to get half at 8-4. After that the nightmare began. I can’t really write about what happened in those minutes, but we simply lost all the control over the game. The game got closer and closer with some discussable calls in the end. To sum it up, this might have been the most horrible defeat in the Bad Skid history. You could easily guess how the atmosphere is like here at the dorms.

Nevertheless we want to say thanks to all our fans, which immediately came over and tried to help us up in the first way. For sure this is very hard for us at the moment, but don’t be mistaken: Bad Skid will be on the pitch tomorrow, playing Ultimate as is used to.


Bad Skid – it’s simply frustrated

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