WUCC – Daily News – Day 1

Yes we are still here, yes we are ready to play, but – no, we did not even see the fields. Unfortunately there was a lot of rain in the last few days and the tournament directors had to cancel all Sunday games. And the weather proofed them right. When we woke up in the morning it was already raining and did not end until 2 pm. Walking outside was no fun so we decided to stay inside. While playing some games watching TV or simply talking, everybody was enjoying the time spent together with their teammates.

When all of us had accepted the weather to be rainy all day, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun showed up immediately. In no more than 20 minutes the summer was back, so the plans for the afternoon were about to be changed. The rain gear was switched for shorts and the small soccer area here at our dormitories was entered from the Bad Skid squat. Some of the campers here were fascinated from the flying discs. OK - you might be right - there could have been some more spectators if the Live-Stream game took place, but we were happy to get the chance to do some sports today. After some sweating the sun, right next to the lake, you could easily imagine what happened next. To practice for the upcoming games we did a little swim-race, which might have been the only real competition around Lecco today.

Cool and perfectly relaxed we are now looking forward for some Ultimate tomorrow. As the tournament director said, there will be games, regardless of the weather and field conditions. The Monday schedule will stay unaltered so our first game will be at 13.00 o’ clock against Relámpagos Ultimate Club and at 17.00 o’ clock against CUSB from Bologna.

We try to keep you as updated as possible, but we don’t know about the Wifi-situation at the fields yet.

Bad Skid – It’s so f****** ready   

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